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Frånö Antique is a traditional antiques shop that deal with art and antiques. We are located in Ångermanland, Höga Kusten which is a part of the UNESCO world inheritance. Most of our business is conducted from an old hostelry and its additional buildings from the mid-1800s

My parents started the business already back in the 1970s but it is now owned and run by me – Hans Stenberg – since 1982. Already from the start 30 years ago antique furniture have been a personal interest for me. That’s mirrored by the big variety in our assortment, our furniture are from all periods of time.

Frånö Antiques is a genuine antiques shop with a long line of experience and solid expertise. We work in all areas, purchase, sales, valuations, etc.

Frånö Antiques offer you a varied assortment of personally selected furniture and furnishing objects from the 1700s to present day. We do restorations in our own workshop but we also have a big assortment of objects that are yet to be renovated. The published objects are only a peak of what what we have in our storages. So if there’s something in particular you’re looking for – send us a request. We may have it in storage.

Frånö Antique, Skräddarvägen 1, SE- 87232 KRAMFORS, SWEDEN

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