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Rare Gustavian Bench from Sweden

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Rare gustavian bench from Sweden. The bench is from the late 18th century, circa 1770, and has unusually rich hand-carved decorations on the legs and rim. Each individual leg has hand-made carvings of flowers as well as many fine filigree details. There’s a boarder going around the whole top as well as a bouquet on the front. All these details are meticulously done with great attention to detail giving the bench a very opulent and luxurious character. Antique furniture like this are one of a kind and the type of furniture in itself is also unusual which is going to make it stand out. The refined elegance and lavish details will draw the attention of any and all who see it.

Furniture like this was a luxury and are thus very unusual to find today  as not many were made. Even more unusual is finding pieces as richly decorated and in such good condition as this particular one. The bench is dry scraped by hand down to the original blue green paint. Additionally blue pigments were very expensive at the time which further points to the quality and cost of making this bench.

The finishing touch to the bench is the seat. The padding is renovated with natural materials and recently upholstered in unbleached linen fabric. The edge of the seat is finished off with tacks that are hammered in place by hand. The underneath is hand-made as well and has older reinforcements. There are some older traces of wood worms at the back of the rim but it’s not active. There are also some decor elements missing on the front of the right back leg but it’s not obvious from the front, see picture.

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Rare Gustavian Bench from Sweden

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Rare Gustavian Bench from Sweden