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Rare Rococo Country Cabinet in Painted Pine

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Rare rococo country cabinet in painted pine. The cabinet is a classic country house furniture from northern Sweden. Made during the late 18th century, circa 1790, during the rococo period. The cabinet is made in two parts and has a healthy and solid frame that has stood the test of time. Dry scraped by hand down to the original first layer of paint. The rich blue green was a rare colour at the time and only a select few could afford it.

Standing well over two meters tall this cabinet makes an impressive figure. There are many smaller details to see in this cabinet and combined they make up a unique piece. The surface and patina are the genuine result of time passed and cannot be replicated. Regardless of room or space this cabinet will add to the character and history with its strong and solid form.

The inside of the doors have a ribbed decor which is also very unusual to see. A detail like that would cost more to add and because it’s on the inside it wouldn’t have been as visible. The size of the cabinet is notable combined with the finer details such as the curve and profiling on the pediment. They are all markers that the craftsman who made this cabinet was very skilled and that the family who commissioned it was very affluent.

The inside of the cabinet has a so called spoon shelf and three small drawers. The top shelf with the notches are where the nicest spoons of the household would hang. The three small drawers inside the doors are also an extra detail that most cabinets do not have. Original working lock and key.

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Rare Rococo Country Cabinet in Painted Pine

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Rare Rococo Country Cabinet in Painted Pine