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Rare Swedish Corner Cabinet with Original Paint

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Rare Swedish corner cabinet made during the first years of the 19th century, 1810 to 1820, in northern Sweden. The cabinet is pine and made in two parts. It has the original decoration paint with the authentic patina of time. The paint is unusually intricate and varied with both floral motifs and marbling. That points to it being an expensive cabinet for a wealthy household as any extra time spent on the cabinet would have cost more. The distress and charming wear can only be accomplished by over 200 years of care and use. Today it makes for a unique cabinet that would be a sure focal point in any room.

The cabinet has the original locks and keys which are in working condition. The interior is bare wood and has never been painted giving it a warm patina. The upper cabinet has the customary spoon shelf which is where the household would hand their nice spoons to display. Healthy and stable frame. Two rims are later. One on the short end of the upper cabinet as well as one on the left short end of the lower cabinet. The lower cabinet measures 96 cm high and circa 48 cm deep. The upper cabinet is 101 cm high. The corner, the sides which will be facing the walls, are 58 cm.

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Rare Swedish Corner Cabinet with Original Paint

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Rare Swedish Corner Cabinet with Original Paint