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Classic Swedish Long-Case Clock from the Medelpad

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Classic Swedish long-case clock from the province Medelpad in Northern Sweden. Made around 1820 with the classic rococo shape with hand carved wood decorations. The shell shaped decoration at the top of the head is one of those and the shell is also one of the most classic decors of the rococo period. Dry scraped by hand to the original paint and made in pine.

This model has to stand against a wall. In the old times they were hung on the wall – hence the keyhole shaped opening at the back of the clock. The clock is also very well-made. Note the shape of the clock and how the depth tapers off from the top to bottom. It is deeper at the top to accommodate the clock mechanism and progressively becomes more shallow at the bottom. Overall it show great craftsmanship and gives the clock an elegant expression. The clock comes with the original clock mechanism, face, weights and pendulum. Depth is 25 and 11 cm at the most and least respectively. The width is from the foot of the clock.

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Classic Swedish Long-Case Clock from the Medelpad

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Classic Swedish Long-Case Clock from the Medelpad