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Rococo Long Case Clock from Northern Sweden

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Rococo long case clock from northern Sweden. The shape of the case is rococo and the expression is unique for the area Jämtland in Sweden. Made by hand during the late 1700s in pine with hand carved decor. A long case clock is one of the most iconic Swedish antiques and this one is a great example. The shape and curve of the case is elegant and well-proportioned and the decor is finished to the smallest detail.

A long case clock such as this makes a large impact while still taking up little floor space which mean it can fit in almost any space. The paint is old historic paint from the mid 1800s. Looking closely, you may notice some darker blue paint shining trough from underneath. Minor loss of material on the wood decorations on the door. The clock comes with the original mechanism, weights and pendulum. Healthy and solid frame.

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Rococo Long Case Clock from Northern Sweden

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Rococo Long Case Clock from Northern Sweden