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Antique Long Case Clock

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239 cm
62 cm
21 cm

Antique long case clock from northern Sweden made during the late 1700s. The clock has the original blue-green paint with unusual decor. Time has also created a unique patina that adds to the clock’s character. Additionally the clock also has a detailed hand-carved headpiece.

Far from all clocks have decorative paint and for those that do the most common motifs are flowers of all kinds. This clock however has a very unusual decor that consists of a painted figure and a house with background which is rarely, if ever seen. However what the figure depicts exactly is up to interpretation. The clock comes with the original mechanism, weights and pendulum.

The clock mechanism have been serviced and was working at the time the photographs were taken. However we leave no guarantee for the future function. This is a luxurious mechanism completely in brass which is very unusual as they were typically made in iron which was a significantly cheaper and more yielding material.

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Antique Long Case Clock

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Antique Long Case Clock