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Gustavian Sofa or Solsäng from Hälsingland

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89 / 58 cm
185 cm
59 cm

Gustavian sofa or solsäng from Hälsingland. The Swedish name solsäng literally means sun bed. Rich wooden carvings and surface scraped to the original first layer of paint. Newly renovated seat with new upholstery in linen. The gustavian sofa is an early example of compact living where it would be used as a sofa during the day and a bed by night. By pulling out the front it creates more space for sleeping. As a genuine antique the sofa will have some imperfections due to age and use.

Manufactured by Jonas Lust (1794 – 1845) who was a voluntarily soldier and corporal in Nansta village. He underwent his apprenticeship with a city carpenter in Hudiksvall and later became a master carpenter. Lust mostly crafted front doors and wall cabinets. Mentioned in the church’s death book as diligent and well-behaved man.

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Gustavian Sofa or Solsäng from Hälsingland

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Gustavian Sofa or Solsäng from Hälsingland