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Rare Folk Art Table from Sweden

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Rare folk art table from Sweden, dated underneath to 1819. The table is pine and has the warm patina of aged wood. Marked with the owners house mark which was a way to show ownership at the time. The condition is original and completely untouched with natural distress and patina. The table top has been wiped countless times which has created a very nice and special surface that can only be made by time and use.

The frame is painted. Also make note that the table top consist of only two wide boards of wood. The whole table is hand-made and has an unusually straight and simple construction which is almost modern, despite the table being over 200 years old. This is a table that was made to be used without any unnecessary decorations. Which is also why it’s so rare to see one today in such good condition.

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Rare Folk Art Table from Sweden

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Rare Folk Art Table from Sweden