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Antique Gustavian Corner Cabinet

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221 cm
96 cm
65 cm

Antique gustavian corner cabinet from northern Sweden made during the last years of the 18th century, around 1790. The cabinet is in two parts with the straight classic shape made in painted pine. The paint is light grey which is typical for Swedish furniture from the gustavian period around the year 1800. The cabinet has been restored by hand to the original first layer of paint.

The original paint is a little distressed and worn and the pine underneath shines through in places which is what creates the unique charm and patina of an antique cabinet. The lock and key are original and in functional condition. The upper cabinet has a special spoon shelf at the top, something relatively common on cabinets of this quality and it’s where the household would display their finest spoons. The lower cabinet measures 100 cm tall and circa 96 cm across. The two sides facing the walls are both 67 cm wide.

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Antique Gustavian Corner Cabinet

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Antique Gustavian Corner Cabinet