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Swedish Rococo Country Cabinet from Jämtland

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Swedish rococo country cabinet from the country Jämtland in northern Sweden. The cabinet is from around 1790 to 1810 and is made in two parts. A typical country house furniture from the late 1700 and early 1800s that combines functional and solid furniture with craftsmanship and fine details. The cabinet is made in solid pine with the original rich blue paint. Blue paint pigments at the time this cabinet was made were very expensive. Therefore only a select few could commission furniture with blue paint and this blue is particularly rich and saturated.

This cabinet has a stately feel to it with attractive proportions and genuine details. The type of cabinet with these particular proportions is native to the country Jämtland in Sweden. The tall legs and drawer of the lower cabinet are two of those characteristics. The cabinet has clear rococo characteristic. Such as the curved edges of the lower cabinet and arched doors and pediments of the upper. The paint has some distress which creates a dynamic and rustic surface where the different tones of blue play off each other. The paint combined with the craftsmanship of the cabinet creates a truly unique piece with a strong presence and sense of subtle luxury.

The cabinet also has the original working lock and key. The wood is healthy and the structure of the cabinet is stable. Like many cabinets from this time this cabinet also has a spoon shelf. A spoon shelf is a shelf which has little notches made to hang and display spoons. Additionally this shelf is a little different where only the very front has those notches and they are made on a curve.

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Swedish Rococo Country Cabinet from Jämtland

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Swedish Rococo Country Cabinet from Jämtland